Assalamu aleykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

I am glad that you looked in my shop.  To be honest these wreaths were not meant for business .. but my passion for making them became so big and wreaths became so many that people began to ask to sell them. So it came an idea of expanding my hobby.
I am a muslim and follow the frames of the allowed in my religion concerning design.  I like working with natural materials – wood, lin, wool, moss, bark, burlap, etc.
I am not fond of making copies of my own wreaths because my interest is to try different styles, materials and techniques. You are absolutely welcome with custom orders – all my wreaths can be made with a free chosen sign.

Besides wreaths I am busy with wooden Ramadan and Eid decorations which I paint according to the buyer’s wish.

My shop got its name because wreaths make the biggest part of it. But I have other interests which are more important than home decor.

My other interest is to teach children islam and bring them up according to Allah’s will. It made me delelop a set of three level activity books ARABIC ALPHABET (in swedish). These books are to teach children in a funny way to write arabic letters. Later I continued this project with stickers to make your own Ramadan and Eid greeting cards.

In my shop you can also find  other interesting things for kids – ramadan calendars, puzzles, coloring books, DIY kits for sewing, wooden 3D models. Most of the things are deleloped and designed by me, but the goods i purchase from other manufacturers are carefully checked in the question of pedagogical value and quality.

Welcome to have a look!

4 thoughts on “Om oss

  1. Assalamu aleykum
    Kul att det finns sån här fin sida har letat efter att köpa sånna fina islamska dekorationer..
    Finns det något telefon nummer man kan sms eller hur får man kontakt med er? vill bästella saker fast på mitt sett om det går med ferg och skrift?

  2. Waleykom assalam!
    Man kan kontakta mig via den webbsidan genom Kontakta oss och beskriva din beställning – färg och sånt. Jag jobbar ofta med individualla beställningar alhamdullilah.


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